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Our pedorthic Clinic Has Many Advantages For You

Ask us About our Industry-Leading "3 - 2 - 1" Pricing Plan

How Ashfield custom orthotics are always ready in days, not weeks

  • custom orthotics based on a qualified assessment, 3D Models of your feet and Solid manufacturing

  • while other clinics double as shoe stores & sell things, Here we SImply concentrate on orthotics

  • we offer hands on expertise, head-down concentration, an efficient 3D lab and a clinical focus

  • podiatrists & retail pedorthists may ship to off-site labs, do too many things, focus on sales, manage staff, overbooked & make you wait.

  • We don't do those things. Sore feet wait for no one. Why should you?

Ashfield Orthotics is the only Regina-area clinic that is fully 3D-ready,
from assessment, scanning, design and manufacturing.  


Bones, tendons, muscles, fat, ligaments, vessels, nerves, skin, joints. under pressure and in motion, with internal & external forces

Bones, tendons, muscles, fat, ligaments, vessels, nerves, skin, joints. under pressure and in motion, with internal & external forces

  • custom orthotics minimize pain, reduce tissue strain, promote balance and relieve harmful pressures so your hard-working feet, legs and joints can move properly, feel better and stay healthier... for years

  • more than just aligning feet, custom orthotics align muscles, bones & many other connective tissues from the ground upwards

  • proper orthotics decrease pathological movements, reduce harmful pressure & address biomechanics

  • qualified providers re insurance: pedorthists, podiatrists & orthotists

Pedorthists are uniquely trained to

  • focus on & assess biomechanics of the lower limbs

  • typically have science degree (kinesiology, etc.)

  • appreciate the crucial footwear / foot interface

  • design and manufacture custom made orthotics

  • make footwear modifications (flares, buttresses, build ups)

Others May Try and "do" custom orthotics Too, but…

  • We are covered as custom orthotic, footwear modification & shoe fitting experts

  • as a certified pedorthist, we perform complete free assessments, based on a referral or prescription from a physician, podiatrist, nurse practitioner with a preliminary diagnosis like plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia, diabetes or arthritis

  • we do what podiatrists do in terms of properly assessing for orthotics, plus we manufacture

  • podiatrists do wound care and Assess for orthotics but always take longer & charge extra

  • free consultations are included Here, with no extra fees, ever. (We gladly take tips!)

  • benefit plans typically cover custom orthotics, as prescribed by your

    • physician

    • nurse practitioner

    • podiatrist

  • chiropractors are not qualified & rarely covered to assess for and create orthotics

What does all this cost?

  • people want the best prices for things: we do that, too

  • along with with best-priced orthotics, we also have specialty foot care products

  • diabetic-friendly socks, podiatrist-developed inserts, award-winning dry skin treatments

  • custom foot orthotics cost $350-$500 in the prairies, plus fees for visits to a podiatrist, for example

  • most providers make you wait weeks for an appointment or even the orthotics, shipped in from out of province

  • with these benefits, less waiting & no extra fees, Ashfield Orthotics guarantees the best price for what we offer

  • Ashfield Orthotics is open by appointment at 147 Albert Street North, between a medical clinic & Midas

The Ashfield difference goes beyond economics

  • as a long-time human service professional and former government rehabilitation therapist in northern Sask., I'm not here to "retail" you

  • with mild cerebral palsy I understand what it takes to move & be active

  • qualifications, reputation & experience means you'll get more than expected

  • your only local provider of Afana Pouliot “Made-in-Canada” custom footwear


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