Do Your Feet Hurt?

Do your feet & legs hurt? For more than a few weeks?
Have you tried over the counter inserts but things still hurt?

At our foot clinic, we can help.
We’ve been doing what we do for years.
So we opened our own clinic to do it even better!

Physicians, nurse practitioners & podiatrists
can all write a referral / prescription.
We can assess you without that,
but you will need one before dispensing
if you want to claim custom orthotics.

Tired of Sore Arches or Heel Pain? Diabetic? Arthritic? Whether you want pain relief to get more active, work better or walk safely with better balance, you can book your free assessment here.

Love Your Feet

Let's Call It A Philosophy of Feet

Read What Patients Say on FB.
They Saw a Doctor at any Walk In Medical Clinic
Then they Came to Us

We Are Custom Orthotic & Shoe Experts Covered By Insurance Plans

Unlike podiatrists, We
don’t Debride Wounds,
Administer Medication
or Charge Extra Fees
Like Podiatry Services


Doing it Right

Insurance Eligible, Ready in Days & No Extra Fees… Ever

A Word About Prescriptions

You can take a branded "referral" from your doctor for an orthotics assessment to any provider. For example, if you have one from Foster's Shoes, where I was for years, you can bring it to Ashfield Orthotics. It is your prescription. Insurance just needs to know a physician thinks you need further assessment by a qualified foot health specialist.

The Truth?
we * Never * Charge extra fees for Visits, for Deposits or to recover your Ashfield orthotics.
Others Do.

Jim Thorpe Hero In Any Shoes.jpg

Look closely. One of these things is definitely not like the other…

Jim Thorpe, an American Indian from Oklahoma, represented the US at the 1912 Olympics. The morning of competition, his shoes were stolen. Luckily, Jim found two shoes in a garbage can. But one of the shoes was too big, so he wore an extra sock. Wearing these, he won two track & field gold medals!

Sometimes life isn’t fair. Don't let that stop you. Run your race.

The human foot is
a masterpiece of engineering
and a work of art.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Foot Hurts? Diabetic? Arthritic? Feet Misbehaving? Book Online

Stop the pain. "Enjoy your feet!"™

Custom Orthotics
Are Medical Devices
(and Tax Free with a Prescription)

For a Dozen Years, our pedorthist has focussed On Sore Feet, painful heels and Aching arches to help people with diabetes, arthritis or over-worked, “misbehaving” feet reduce pain, increase balance and move better

Prescribed Orthotics are medical Devices - Just Like Glasses, Dentures or Hearing Aids - Designed & made in our lab, Based on Your Biomechanics, ROM, Gait Analysis, Muscle Tests & 3D Modeling
(Insurers Love That Part)

Tired of Sore Arches or Heel Pain? Diabetic? Arthritic? Need Better Balance?

We Are the only Regina Family Foot clinic with ‘Start to finish’ 3D capability, extended Weekend & Evening hours, mobile clinics and ‘Approved Provider’ status for Federal & Provincial Populations. We Direct Bill for RCMP, Veterans, Canadian Forces, Treaty First Nations & Refugees, plus Provincially for Supplemental Health, WCB & SGI claims.

A Bit about Our Pedorthist & clinic owner

For Decades, Whether in adult education, human services or as a rehabilitation therapist with the government, Rodney Ashfield has enjoyed helping people achieve Better health & wellness. He is Also a Poor Artist, Wishful Writer, Science / Technology Enthusiast and a Bit of a Trekkie...

Professionally, A Dozen years ago, he took a chance to learn about pedorthics, Returning to university to enable people with biomechanical foot or leg issues to live and move with less pain, better balance and more piece of mind during work and play. He did most assessments, made complex orthotics, modified shoes & supervised techs at a local shoe store & clinic for years. In 2015, after working as a Certified Pedorthist (Canada), “Ashfield Orthotics: A Foot Health Clinic, Inc.” was created to make things better, with a non-Retail, more clinical focus.

As our Owner is a Person With a Disability Who Definitely values mobility, And We appreciate the Abilities of All people so our Space is Fully Accessible. Speaking of accessible, we set our hours according to your schedule so book online for your free assessment, including evenings and weekends. (We are the only Clinic to offer Extended hours like this because we know most people don’t work 9-5.)

Helping you enjoy your feet & move Better with Less Pain is our sole responsibility. Thank you for this privilege.

See you soon!

Rodney Ashfield, BA, Cert. Rehab.
Certified Pedorthic Technician
Certified Pedorthist (Canada)

we direct bill for these populations & Workplace insurance covers 80-100%

we direct bill for these populations & Workplace insurance covers 80-100%

What Happens When We Hurt?

With bad or long-lasting
toothaches or headaches
You do things to fix it
before it get worse
(You’re Awesome!)

The same true with Your feet
(We’re So Glad You’ve Begun!)

Winter is Coming

“Winter is Coming”

Make sure your feet are ready with Ashfield Orthotics
(Soft shields for your feet!)

A story we hear Often

“My feet hurt. I've tried different shoes. Some were Really expensive. They fit okay at First, but my feet still hurt. So Then I went to a drugstore & bought a $75 insert, named after an English doctor. You know, The One with a great Ad... My feet felt okay for 1-2 weeks but then started hurting again. My Feet are not getting better. My feet are getting worse. Please help!”

Feet Shouldn't Hurt (Really)

It's true.
Chronic Pain? Tired Feet?
Sore Knees? Poor Balance?
Ask your doctor. Then see us.
It’s time.

As trained foot care specialists, we protect, stabilize and improve diabetic, arthritic or injured feet

RQHR Trained in Diabetic Foot Care and Assessment and soon to offer qualified callous and nail care too in the comfort of our clinic or your home!

We’re not here to get rich.
We’re here to enrich your feet.

A Word About our hours
we have extended hours, working days, evenings or weekends!
We open for your free assessment booking or you come in for a dispensing.
The rest of the time we’re manufacturing (use the doorbell) or off site, maybe at a mobile clinic.

We also offer Mobile Clinics in Regina and Surrounding Areas

One of the things that make our Foot Health and Custom Orthotics Business Unique is that we operate mobile clinics, aside from our main clinic. Regularly we set up at the Salvation Army Haven of Hope in downtown Regina. Also, within 100 Kms of Regina, We can come right to you, for no extra fee. Plus, We are also in discussion with A Medical Clinic and Community Centre to provide even more Foot Health opportunities to Underserved areas. While we like to get paid just like everyone else, ~1/6 of our work for Underserved people is “pro bono” given lack of funds/funders (and believe me, we turn over every rock to find payers). In any case, Painful feet simply won’t fall through the cracks on our watch. Everyone Deserves to enjoy their feet.

Conditions of the Feet

Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

Just because you have flat feet does not mean you will have problems or pain. If you do have pain, there are various treatment options available. If you only have one foot that has a flat arch, it may be due to another problem, such a muscle imbalance, tissue strain or even a limb length difference. A certified pedorthist is trained to assess and treat these conditions and more.

Plantar Fasciitis

When there is increased stress on the arch, microscopic tears can occur within the plantar fascia and overlying small intrinsic muscles, usually at its attachment on the heel. This results in inflammation and pain with standing and walking and sometimes at rest. It usually causes pain and stiffness on the bottom of your heel. Chronic plantar fasciitis may result in heel spurs which is A way our biology tries to fix the tear, with mixed results. Orthotics are the most Accepted way - along with gentle, targeted stretches - to alleviate the pain and support better foot “behaviour” so strain and spurs diminish.


An enlargement on the side of the foot near the base of the big toe (hallux). The enlargement is made up of a bursa (fluid-filled sac) under the skin. “bunion” is also commonly used to describe a structural (bony) deformity called hallux abducto valgus (HAV). Bunions can be painful and can be aggravated by activity and wearing tight or high-heeled shoes. They do not have a specific gene associated with them but there are foot types (influenced by multiple genes) and pathologies that are associated with developing bunions. Custom orthotics can stop their progression and protect joints that are no longer able to bend enough for easy ambulation.


In the foot, a neuroma is a nerve that becomes irritated and swells up. If the nerve stays irritated, it can become thickened which makes the nerve and surrounding tissues swollen, causing more irritation. Pain from a neuroma is usually felt on the ball of your foot, between the 3rd and 4th interspace of your lesser toes. Orthotics with a neuroma pad can alleviate the pain and return proper shock absorption to the forefoot. Your pedorthist can perform a painless test to check for a Morton’s Neuroma. Doctors often use a “catch all” term like metatarsalgia to describe a constellation of things that can go wrong with the front of our feet.

Corns & Calluses

Corns and calluses are areas of thick, hard skin. They usually develop due to rubbing, increased pressure or irritation over a Bony prominence. The hard, thick skin is called a corn if it appears to have a hard core, usually on the toes. a callus is more diffuse and somewhere else on your foot. Either way, these accumulations of skin are a sign of your feet having too much pressure in spots. Orthotics help to properly distribute pressure, relieve associated pains and improve balance.

Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis)

Fungi like a warm, moist and dark environment (like inside a shoe). A fungal infection in your toenails may cause the nails to become discolored, thickened, crumbly or loose. There are different causes, and it is difficult to treat due to the hardness of the toenail. While foot health clinics often carry topical over the counter solutions for mild toenail fungus, Doctors have stronger topical medications like Jublia and others available these days, too, instead of systemic pills that can be hard on our systems. In any case it is important to keep socks and let footwear dry out thoroughly between wearing. Fungi is everywhere, from beneath the ground to high up in the sky. and it loves moisture!

Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis involves inflammation of the Achilles tendon. If the tendon stays inflamed long enough, it can lead to thickening of the tendon. Sometimes nodules or bumps can form in the tendon. Achilles tendonitis can become a long-term problem or can lead to rupture of the tendon. There can also be a lesser form called Tenosynovitis whereby the sheath of the tendon becomes inflamed. EIther way, if the “spring loaded rope” that attaches your calf muscles to your foot are disordered, it is often because of how your foot iself is behaving. Think of a loose pendulum on a Grandfather clock. Orthotics help to stabilize the rearfoot as well as the arch, allowing associated tendons to return to normal over time.