Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't foot pain normal?

How long do assessments take?
Do You Direct Bill Like a Doctor?
Orthotics covered by insurance? 

is a pedorthist different than a podiatrist? 
How long do I have to wait for custom orthotics? 
If I don't need custom orthotics, will you tell me? 
Do I always need a prescription to see you?

Isn't foot pain normal at my age?

  • If our feet or particular areas on the feet hurt too much or too often, these are symptoms.

  • Something is happening that shouldn't, often after many years of - literally - wear & tear.

  • Experiencing pain and being hurt are different, medically.

  • "Pain" is protective signaling, typically involving central nervous system (brain) & peripheral (body) neurons to let us know that something is hurting us and makes us move away from the source.

  • "Hurt" refers to injury from, for example, pathomechanics causing system-wide "wear & tear", specific tissue trauma like a torn ligament, a wound like a cut or an assault such as a stubbed toe or worse, pressure bruising, a burn, etc.

  • Thankfully, we usually feel foot pain if things are getting hurt from muscle strains, too much pressure or even a pebble in the shoe unless they have peripheral neuropathy from diabetes, for example.

How long do pedorthic assessments take?

Assessments at the Ashfield Orthotics clinic typically take ~50 minutes. Time depends on the complexity of issues presented & questions / info provided. With pressure wounds, significant underlying health issues, deformity, custom shoe assessments or recent injury, more time will be needed.

Am I covered by insurance for custom orthotics? 

  • Insurance/benefits plans often provide coverage, usually $300 every two years.

  • Plans may have discretionary spending. Partner's or parents plan may also apply.

  • Please see your plan. Podiatry & orthotics are often both covered, but separately.

Is a pedorthist different than a podiatrist?

  • When it comes to biomechanical, lower extremity R.O.M. and gait assessment training and protocols, we're not very different at all! While a podiatrist is a doctor who can prescribe certain treatments and provide wound care, no podiatrists in Saskatchewan presently have their own labs to actually create orthotics. They send data/modelling off to out-of-province central fabrication facilities.

  • With our on-site lab, your insurance-eligible devices are ready in days, not weeks.
    Of course, that also means less cost passed on to you.

  • As qualified, certified health care professionals, our work (your orthotics) are covered.
    Pedorthist are usually the people making orthotics at off-site facilities for podiatrists.

Do you Direct bill, like a doctor?

  • At Ashfield Orthotics we do direct bill for people within certain groups: RCMP, Veterans, First Nations with Treaty, people on Social Assistance who also get SK Extended Health benefits, plus certain Federally sponsored immigrants. That means no money out of yoru pocket and we take care of the paperwork.

  • If you are not in one of these groups, you can still likely use workplace or private health care coverage with your own plan or that of your spouse. In that case, you will pay here and then get reimbursed by your benefits plan(s).

  • In either case, you will always need a prescription, either before or shortly after your assessment with Ashfield Orthotics. It is the “key” to unlock benefits plans. It also allows you to save taxes since we can “zero-rate” your orthotics as medical devices. (Some people choose not to use/get a prescription so we then charge taxes, too.)

How long do I have to wait for custom orthotics?

  • Ashfield Orthotics has our own efficient on-site lab with new equipment and a wide range of medical-grade materials so you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • We don't sell shoes or do too much. We're ready when you are, in days, not weeks.

  • I only see a few people per day so I take my time being careful & still seem "fast."

If I don't need custom orthotics, will you tell me?

  • Yes! At Ashfield Orthotics we want you to begin enjoying your feet the right way.

  • Since we are a clinic (not a store) we want the best for your feet, not our inventory.

  • “Custom orthotics: like a set of prescription lenses for feet’™” Not everyone needs them.

  • If feet only need good "reading glasses", we have podiatrist-designed Powerstep inserts.

Do I always need a prescription to see you?

  • Yes. And No...

  • With a prescription from a medical clinic - before or after your assessment - you can claim your custom orthotics on eligible insurance. This way, we also take taxes off As a medical device.

  • Without a prescription, you pay GST/PST. Non-prescribed devices are likely not claimable by insurance unless your plan is "gold-plated" &/or you've claimed orthotics under the same plan before with an original prescription on file.

  • Not everyone has the same benefits. Since additional pairs, within 2 years, cost less than originals, you still save.

Do I need an appointment? Or can i just walk in?

  • Our online booking app is awesome, with booking buttons throughout the site.

  • We have walk in hours on weekdays and extended hours on mornings / weekends / evenings.

  • Better to book your spot online since we only take a few bookings per day.

Since Our software Closes Online bookings if we're 'full' that day, try a "walk-in."
However, since we also Provide off-site Mobile Clinics, we may not be available...