Real Value.

Why Would You Pay More Than You Should?

We're not a shoe store. Lots of places sell shoes (etc.) these days.
There are Many online shoe stores with free shipping, like DSW and more.

We are a clinic focused on your foot health. (Your feet always know what's best.)
And we don't charge extra fees when you visit our clinic.

Ashfield Orthotics will continue to be of value to you because

  • foot health through orthotic treatment is our core clinic business, so we spend our time & effort - not your money - creating efficiency

  • we don't have 1000 of shoes in stock or focus on retailing you & overhead costs are extremely low: best materials, bought in bulk

  • We Don’t Invest Your Money in A Back Room Full of ever-changing shoe styles Or Have A retail staff to support and supervise

    We leave that the others…

That's some of the reasons how our lab can create
your custom made orthotics in days, not weeks.
Everyone could. (We actually do.)

Sore feet wait for no one. Neither should you.