With The Proper Support, You Really Can Enjoy Your Feet Again.
Or At Least Keep Them As The Furthest Thing From Your Mind.

After Working for the Competition,
We learned Some Things.
Then We Improved.

Focused + Efficient + Effective  (Reduced Wait Times)
No Extra Fees + Ever  (Orthotics Already Cost Enough)
Quality Materials + New Technology  (Our Best For You)


A Happy Arch is Your Best Bridge.jpg

Custom orthotics are like foot bridges that help you feel better, work better, move better, balance better... & just have more fun!

Value. Service. Quality. 
Ready in days, not weeks. 

During an assessment we learn about you, your posture, biomechanics, muscles and gait. 

If custom orthotics are the best treatment for your issues, we design, make & dispense them in 3 days or less, if needed. 

Prescription Form:

Need a prescription?
Docs will have one or show them ours. Easy. 

Professional Support

Our Feet =  complexity in motion, while under pressure.  
But they should be the furthest things from your mind!

Feet work hard every day. 23 muscles act on each foot, 107 ligaments, 26-28 bones, nerves, tendons and more!

Our certified pedorthist has decades of experience in rehabilitation, gait analysis and human services. We think feet & legs are truly amazing. But if yours hurt, you may use more colourful words. We get it. 

Really, Feet Shouldn't Hurt

It's true. Ask your doctor. Then see us.
It's time to enjoy your feet.

Please think about this:
you take care of your eyes, your teeth, even your ears.
Lots of great health & lifestyle reasons.
Plus, you're covered with benefits.

The same is true with custom orthotics when prescribed by a physician.

My feet hurt. I’ve tried different shoes. Some were very expensive. They fit okay, but my feet still hurt. Then I went to a drugstore and bought a $75 insert. (Named after some doctor with a great commercial.) They felt okay for a week or two. But then my feet hurt again. They are not getting better. They’re getting worse!

An On Site Lab

A Peaceful Setting 

Great Lab In A Peaceful Clinic Setting.jpg

Our On-site Lab is full of material, tools, glue & new machinery. But the clinic space here is peaceful. (We save all the noise for when you're not here!) 

Enjoy your feet at work or play with great support.

My reputation is under 1000s of feet. And now my name is on the door.

But why see us?
After all, many places "do" orthotics. Everything here is carefully planned to help feet feel & function better. Even with a modern orthotics lab, our clinic is spacious, clean, quiet. An oasis...

And now, a bonus: an excellent primer on heel spurs from Ian Griffiths, a UK sports podiatrist.