Going Above and Beyond

Going Above and Beyond

For weeks, I wondered what to lay down for my first Ashfield Orthotics business blog "Foot Falls."  Years ago, I enjoyed writing. Had poetry published. Read at a poetry series. How hard could it be to dust off the muse? Having already injected a bit from a well-liked poet of mine, I thought "What next? All the websites say blogging is important! Something pithy, then? Or witty? How about technical? I'm good at technical... Hmmm."

But then, thankfully, my inner "Winnie the Pooh" whispered playfully but in earnest that maybe I should just begin at the beginning. And so I will.

As a local pedorthist with years of experience, I appeared to have the world by the tail (or was that "talus"?), likely for as long as I wanted it, when I worked for another pedorthist in Regina. It was, to me, a fine place with fine people. It paid well. I had benefits. Sundays off. Yet something wasn't feeling right. Hadn't been for years. Things could be different. Should be different. I had to try... I had to go "above and beyond" if I was going to be happy. Not necessarily rich. But definitely happy.

Why did I give up financial security and peace of mind of working for someone else? Why did I give up supervising manufacturing, doing most of the assessments and training technicians without any other concerns?

Across Canada, whether due to logistics of distant central fabrication facilities, local over-capacity or a lack of competition, people - customers, clients... patients - have been trained to accept waiting for weeks to receive custom made orthoses, prescribed medical devices, to address foot or leg issues. 

Coming from a family of award winning entrepreneurs "back in the day" in the newspaper business and as a new clinic owner with years of experience in pedorthics, going "above and beyond" for me and the Ashfield clinic means breaking away from practices that have become industry "standards" and re-dedicating myself to the needs of you, my patients. At Ashfield Orthotics, I typically work on behalf of hard working doctors, nurse practitioners, podiatrists and physiotherapists whose patients are in significant pain, have compromised skin or poor balance with increased risk of falling. These people are seeking effective support, sooner rather than later.

As a Certified Pedorthist (Canada) in Regina Saskatchewan, I can tell you that even in the most complicated cases with ulcers, ORIFs or other significant deformities & conditions, an effective, precision-crafted functional or accommodative pair of custom orthotics takes only 2 hours to make, once a thorough assessment is completed. Going "above and beyond" in my business means looking after the health and comfort of my patients as soon as I can. At 'Ashfield Orthotics: A Foot Health Clinic, Inc.' going "above and beyond" means doing my best and being focussed.

Value. Service. Quality.

In days, not weeks. 

"Enjoy your feet!"

Rodney Ashfield, BA, Cert. Rehab.
Certified Pedorthist & Technician (Canada)