What Makes Ashfield Orthotics So Different?

include free assessments, will cost less than your last pair, are ready in days (not weeks), are eligible for benefits/insurance, include lifetime free Maintenance, utilize New award-winning 3D tech Along with traditional craftsmanship, are based on a thorough careful assessment, use medical grade Poron and Canadian suppliers, Are Eligible for direct billing for select groups
appointments can be booked online  
(your schedule iS our schedule!)
7 days or evenings per week.

How can we do all that?

It's simple.
At Ashfield Orthotics,
we Know you can have the best
while not waiting too long or paying too much.

We've been doing it this way since we opened our own clinic
after almost a decade working for others.
Now we work for you.

We take 1-2 assessments a day.
We focus on quality, not volume.
We are here to enrich, not get rich,
With extremely low overhead costs.
We enjoy doing things a bit differently.

a decades-long rehabilitation therapist, counsellor, support worker, pedorthic technician, Certified Pedorthist (Canada) & person with a physical disability,
I know how important our feet are
to get around, To get things done & - literally - enjoy a well-balanced life.  

It's better this way.

You may have plantar fasciitis, fallen arches, diabetes, poor balance, Achilles issues, unstable foot architecture due to disease, surgery or injury or one of a host of other biomechanical issues.

This constant wear & tear - what a doctor could term as repetitive strain or an overuse injury - can adversely affect the biology and chemistry in your lower limbs, leading to more pain, problems & deformity over time.

Want to learn more before booking your free assessment?